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Contains the forex market trades on a daily valued at 4.2 trillion dollars. Players in the market are many and diverse , and the dynamics of the market is one of the things that have to be absorbed by each trader . In this market , you’ll find Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs and companies along the lines of JPMorgan Chase , and brokers , dealers and central banks , which have the ability to tilt the balance of trade at the moment . Then , of course, you now have traders growing population of individuals who day after day .

Do you ever wondered why there are so many individuals who lose their money ( try 95% ), while the kind of institutional players who trade in the relevant market also Aazaloa to declare billions of dollars in profits year after year ? That is what this article seeks to explain : how there are multiple factors in the market is known for a lot of traders while individuals are seriously affecting the markets.

What are the possible factors -changing market ?

Types of intermediaries
We have two types of brokers : 2014 Only brokers and market makers . Mediators electronic communications network (2014 Only) also called brokers or without trading desk (NDD) these intermediaries to provide traders direct access to the market with pricing similar to that provided by the liquidity providers . 2014 Only brokers with what you see is what you get , in fact . Traders have access to the same pricing that comes from liquidity providers usually there are multiple rates exhibited by many suppliers , this van rolling seems as if it were in his office to choose from the best price for him. No transactions Office to intervene Valawamr go directly to the liquidity providers for implementation. This system of direct action ensures there are no sliding or re-pricing or price manipulation in prices.

It costs money to maintain the liquidity of the work of these structures that feed this mechanism , this , this service is available to traders at a premium or at a higher price . Spread rates are variable and no commission is paid on the transaction or to use the trading platform . The high cost of running 2014 Only account prevent individuals where traders post to this , the 2014 Only trading platform used most often by traders with institutional nature .

Market makers are the brokers have a trading desk . Their presence in the forex market is to act as a bridge for liquidity . While there are many traders who can not afford the high capital costs that are needed to work in an environment 2014 Only Software, for this , the role of the market maker is to create a fit between the volume of transactions associated with liquidity . As such , they are running trading desks that you are buying the size of orders from liquidity providers then they ” re- sell ” such as contracts for Forex traders . Market makers provide Asebred fixed prices and do not get commissions, and thus creating an attractive environment for traders who can run their accounts against the costs low. Nevertheless , it is by acting as a counterparty to the trader , the market maker is trading mainly against rolling. If profit rolling deal , the market maker loses and if they lost , the market maker rolling win. Trade with the wrong type of intermediaries may be subject to the terms of rolling has no control over them for this and with the end of the day , the real winners here are those who trade with brokers.

Flows commands
Do you ever heard of the word ” dark pools ” ?

Dark pools or dark pools of liquidity is a system whereby traders in the market long-term trade sizes too big at the same time without being influenced by fluctuations in the price of producing such high demands . Usually, the quotes and the various parties that pay interest rates of the asset must be available for all traders to see the pricing models of the second level. Dark pools provide a way to hide this information , the information Vmaha liquidity and market depth to be hidden . Without access to this information , the ordinary traders will never know whether there was a change in demand or not, but the members of the dark pools will know and they can plan their transactions according to this information . Dark pools may be independent or be sponsored by one of the mediators .

Software ultra-low latency
Latency means delay , in the markets , the latency is the delay time it takes to connect to the server mediator until it reaches the computer rolling and vice versa , in the forex market , it is important during the trade news reduce the time delay between the issuance of the news and even up to a computer rolling along placing an order with the trading and its implementation , so the rolling which has less lag time can be superior to other traders to enter the market and profit from highs following the release of the news of high importance . Companies spend huge sums of money in the establishment of servers in order to reduce latency periods . Bloomberg is the leading provider of news services and low latency are selling their news to anyone who has to pay against which thousands of dollars for monthly subscriptions . But how many traders are individuals who can afford to pay this money at a time does not exceed the cost of a meal for chicken for traders with institutional nature ?

These points are only to open the eyes of traders individuals in order to know what you are dealing with when entering the forex market . This information is not to scare any one of the trade, but only that they need to understand exactly what is going on in this market to try to put themselves where they stand with players of an institutional nature .

Get your money back . Open a trading account with a 2014 Only App broker. Build your own server near the site of a default server and your broker . During the compilation of a number of traders , it can form a number of funds of funds to join the Independent dark pools . Configure yourself to profit from the market with players such as natural institutional remember that in any market ? The smart money always comes early, reap the profits and then come out in a timely manner in which you pay retail funds . Joined the smart money players at 2014 Only System.